Drawing and Diagrams

Add custom drawings and diagrams to your HIPAA compliant online forms.
Drawing and Diagrams for HIPAA Compliant Forms
Drawing and Diagrams for HIPAA Compliant Forms

Add Diagrams to Your Forms For Patients to Draw On

Allow your patients to draw on an image or diagram in your form to mark areas of pain or parts of the body that may need treatment. Use your own custom diagram that is specific to your practice or get started quickly with a FormDr provided template.

Patient drawings are submitted securely back to your account and patient data is always encrypted.

Patients Can Circle and Point to Pain Areas

Not all patients want to type out what symptoms they are experiencing. Add a diagram for patients to draw on, making it easy for them to point out the areas of pain. Patients can circle or draw arrows. Even a simple mark can be enough to capture the information needed.

Drawing and Diagrams for HIPAA Compliant Forms

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Drawing and Diagrams for HIPAA Compliant Forms

Use Your Custom Diagram

You aren’t limited to the diagrams we provide. Simply upload your custom image, configure it to your preferred size, and enable patients to delineate areas of pain or concern. You can add as many diagrams as you need and set them up on different pages and forms.

Make your drawings required so patients cannot submit a form back to you without completing all diagrams.

Wet-Ink Style Electronic Signatures

Make it simple for patients to sign your forms online. After completing any drawings or diagrams, give your patients the ability to sign wet-ink style signatures on your forms. Get the consent that you need from patients by including an electronic signature on your form.

Drawing and Diagrams for HIPAA Compliant Forms

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FormDr gives your practice everything needed to easily send and receive HIPAA compliant forms online. We help practices who:

  • Are having patients fill out paper forms during the appointment
  • Are emailing patients a PDF or Word Doc to print out, fill out, scan, and send back
  • Are spending time manually printing and scanning paper forms

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Sync HIPAA Compliant Form Submissions to Dropbox

Sync Submissions to Dropbox

Dropbox integration seamlessly converts each form submission into a PDF document, then automatically uploads each PDF and any additional file attachments to your Dropbox Account.

Mobile Friendly Forms

Mobile-Friendly Forms

Easily build fully-responsive medical forms online that allow your patients to sign and submit on any device, anywhere, at any time.

Autocomplete HIPAA Compliant Forms

Autocomplete Forms

Have your patient enter information once and have it autocomplete throughout your medical form online. Automatically populate PHI directly into additional fields and medical consent forms.

HIPAA Compliant Online Intake Forms

HIPAA Compliant Online Intake Forms

Emailing new patient intake forms risks the interception of PHI. FormDr is HIPAA compliant, all patient data is encrypted in transit and rest. A Business Associate Agreement is included with your account.