Feature Spotlight: Document Signing, Synced Forms, and Custom Plans

Introducing 3 *new* features: 
  • Document Signing
    • Make any existing form digital, exactly as you want it, and have your patients sign/execute from any device, anywhere. Add fields, assign roles, and collect e-signatures on PDF and Word Documents. Quickly build dynamic documents in minutes, and start collecting signatures on any device, anywhere.
  • Synced Forms
    • Send out individual forms in your packet. Sync these forms between multiple packets or send them without the packet. Update your synced form once and your changes reflect across all packets using synced form.
  • Custom Plans
    • Add on what your plan doesn’t have, select only what you need. This includes: Packets, Synced Forms, Document Templates and Assistant Users. Add in only what is wanted to your existing plan to tailor it exactly to your practices’ needs.

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